Tuesday, June 05, 2012


You've asked for it and here it is (always subject to change, of course):

10:30am              Doors open
11:00                   Brief introduction, then singing along to Dr. Horrible
11:55                   Evil Laugh contest
12:15                   An episode of Mind My Brains, Darling
12:25                   Reaver Dance
12:35                   Animism
1:00                     Firefly Trivia Bingo
1:40                     Episode 12 of Standard Action
2:00                     Live Auction
2:35                     Costume Contest parade and awarding of prizes
3:00                     Close silent auction
                            Draw for Fan Expo ticket prize
                            Door prizes
                            Joss's Equality Now speech
                            CSTS introduction
3:30                     SERENITY
5:30                     Announcement of winning bidders in the silent auction

There are still tickets left.  Ticket sales at La Fontana will end at noon on Friday and on the blog at midnight.  Any tickets left will be available at the door.

A reminder that no food or drink, except for beverages with tops, is allowed in the auditorium, although you are welcome to use the table and chairs set up in the Lounge for that purpose.  C&C Cakery will be present with their Firefly-inspired treats for a recommended donation.

The parking lot is paid parking - $2 per hour or a flat rate of $10 from 6 am to 6 pm. After 6 pm, it is a flat rate of $5.  They are pretty strict in the lot so if you are staying after 6 to join some of us in the Lounge to order food, please make sure you pay the evening rate.

REMEMBER, all monetary transactions at CSTS Vancouver are cash only.  That includes tickets available at the door; limited grab bags ($5); Bingo cards ($1); CSTS 2012 patches (a limited number for a minimum donation of $4); food and auction items.  There will also be jars around if you would just like to drop in some change - or bills - as an extra donation.

If you are entering the costume contest, please arrive by 10:30 and go directly to the Lounge where the judges will see you.  If you are entering the Superpowers costume contest, you will be asked to fill out a card with your Superpower name, talent, how you would use that ttalent and whether you would fit in with Iron Man, Black Widow and the gang, or whether you plan to aid Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin!

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Lioness said...

This sounds like a jam-packed full day! And so much fun!