Monday, June 26, 2006

Post-Screening Update

What a Shiny Time we had! The initial estimate is that we raised about $1,000 for Equality Now. Not bad, especially considering the competition we had for the audience: the Peace Walk, the Jazz Festival and the hottest day of the year so far! Even so, 137 Browncoats and their friends and family came together to see Serenity on the big screen one more time. We laughed, we cried - and that was just during the DVD of Joss's speech as an honoree at Equality Now's "Men on the Front Lines" in May!

As people came in to the theatre, the Done the Impossible preview DVD was playing. At 2:15, we introduced ourselves, announced the winners of the costume contest, then drew tickets for the 15 door prize packs, including the Ron Glass-autographed script. The prizes were distributed in the outside courtyard after the movie. We then watched the DVD of Joss's speech, I read the last couple of sentences of Joss's message from last year's prescreenings and we all settled back to watch the movie.

Money raised from 47 cities in five countries around the world so far: $61,189.78 (Est.), with 35 cities reporting. We truly have "done the impossible, so that makes us mighty".

If you would still like to donate to Equality Now, you can go here, and when the form asks how you heard about Equality Now, please type in the code "SNEN-YVRBC", which stands for "Serenity Now/Equality Now - Vancouver Browncoats" and the money will be credited to our total.

Thank you to the amazing organizing team and thank you to all who came out and contributed to such a wonderful event!

Thank you to all those who donated items for our prize packs:
The Bedlam Bards
The Comic Shop
DragonWeave Jewellery
Greg Edmonson
Chad Erickson
BJ Goglin
Ron Glass
H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
Brandon Klassen
Serena Reynolds
Slacktwaddle (Women of Sci-Fi Calendar)
Titan Books
White Dwarf Books

and, of course, a very big thank you and Happy Birthday to the man himself, Joss Whedon.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Serenity Now/Equality Now

We are confirmed for the screening!

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2006
Time: 2:15 pm
Doors open at 1:45 pm

Location: Pacific Cinematheque
1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

Tickets are $15.

Tickets may be purchased with credit card or PayPal by clicking the shopping cart icon below, through the PayPal link on the Browncoats meetup site:, or in person from one of the organizing team.

For more information, check the links to the right, or e-mail:

If you are not able to come to the screening, but would like to donate to Equality Now, you can do so at their website: When the form asks you where you heard about them, put in the code "SNEN - YVRBC", so that they know the money should be credited to the Vancouver Screening.

There will be DOOR PRIZES and a prize for the best costume!

So far, we have confirmed:

- Greg Edmonson's Firefly soundtrack CD - autographed

- The Bedlam Bards' CD On the Drift - autographed

- Serenity pendants from Dragonweave Jewelry

- a handknit Jayne's hat

- passes from the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

- a gift pack from Starbucks

- a custom-made Serenity/Firefly T-shirt by bj

- silicone bracelets from Wash-o-saurus

- a 72-card base set of Serenity trading cards

- a 72-card base set of Firefly trading cards

- a Joss Whedon: Master at Play creative screenwriting DVD

- Serenity action figures from The Comic Shop

- books from White Dwarf Books

- Women of Sci-Fi Calendar for 2007

- the "Making of the Women of Sci-Fi Calendar" DVD

- a script of the Firefly episode "Shindig", autographed by Ron Glass

- an autographed picture of Ron Glass

- a Serenity CD carrying case

- more prizes to come