Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tickets, T-shirts, Hoodies & Patches - Buy Now!

Good news on all fronts! Tickets are now available for sale at Happy Bats Cinema (2830 Main Street) and at La Fontana Caffe (NE corner of Hastings & Boundary) - cash only at both places, please - as well as the button at the bottom of this blog. Price is $15 cash and $16 through PayPal on the blog. Tickets bought through the blog will be available at Will Call on the day of the event.

T-shirts, hoodies and patches with the CSTS 2010 logo are now up for pre-sale for a limited time. Orders must be in and paid for by midnight, Friday, May 7th. This year the t-shirts come in men's and women's styles and in a variety of colours. Please specify the colour desired in the "special instructions" section of the PayPal form when clicking on the buttons below.

T-shirts, both men's and women's, are $20 if paid in person and $22 through the blog; hoodies are $35 in person and $38 through the blog. Patches are $7.00. The hoodies are pull-on (not zippered) and will have the triangular logo on the front, with the list of cities hosting events this year on the back as well as Global sponsors, the same as the t-shirts. Patches will be the round logo (as seen in the previous post) and will be 4 inches in diameter. All merchandise can be picked up on the day of the event. If you are not able to come to the screening but would like a t-shirt, hoodie or patch, we will get it to you either at another event or by mail.

Choices of colours for the t-shirts and hoodies are seen below. Please note that not all colours are available in all styles. Here's a link to a sample of the unisex/men's t-shirt and here's the style of hoodie.

Unisex (men's) t-shirts are available in: black, dark chocolate, chestnut, miliary/Jayne green, sapphire and yellow haze.

Women's t-shirts are available in: black, chestnut, kiwi and royal blue.

Hoodies are available in: black, dark chocolate, kiwi and royal blue.

Yellow haze (M) Black (all) Chestnut (M & W) Dark Chocolate (M & H)

Sapphire (M) Royal Blue (W & H) Military/Jayne Green (M) Kiwi (W & H)