Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This just in! Vancouver has been picked as one of the seven CSTS cities to show a rough cut of the fan film, Browncoats: Redemption. Their official world premiere of the finished film (about 40 minutes in length) will be at Dragon*Con in September, but they are providing copies to the seven cities whose (short) essays they deemed the best. The topic was why your city should be picked. Watch the video announcement here.

Also, we will have the big screen debut of at least eight (very short) episodes of The Masked Roger: Mental Perceptionist, an original applicant to the Evil League of Evil, conceived, written, filmed, directed, and starring our own AlanD.


WorldofHiglet said...

Well done for winning the "Browncoat: Redemption" screening - and thank you for entering the essay!

You have some brilliant prizes and I'm looking forward to seeing more of "The Masked Roger" on the day.

See you all there :)

CSTS Vancouver said...

Thanks, Mary. It was a last minute decision to enter but I think it will be a fun and exciting addition to the day. See you there.

Toronto Can't Stop The Serenity said...

Congratulations to Vancouver for an essay well written! Looking forward to hearing reports of how it is!