Friday, June 11, 2010

What's a Firefly/Serenity Event Without A Jayne's Hat?

Serena has once again knitted and donated one of her (justly) famous Jayne's hats. She has also donated a Jayne's hat tea cosy. (Teapot not included.) Check out Serena's Everything Jayne's Hat Emporium for some of her other clever ideas. Toilet paper roll cover, anyone?

Local Browncoat Diana donated a stack of Serenity postcards, including these four 'travel posters', designed by well-known California Browncoat, lexigeek (Adam Levermore), who designed the logo and t-shirts for CSTS 2007 & 2008.

Another of our annual donors, The Comic Shop, has donated the new Firefly: Still Flying book. Not only are there lots of behind-the-scenes photos - some new - but it also includes four new stories by some of the writers of the series, including Jane Espenson and Ben Edlund.

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