Friday, July 08, 2011

Message from Jewel Staite

Besides saying hello to everyone at CSTS Vancouver (via e-mail) and wishing us well, Jewel asked if we would pass on information about a friend's fundraiser.  We did at the event, but we're adding it here for those people who are interested.

In her own words:

"My friend Ryan Purcell, who was one of the camera operators on Stargate: Atlantis, is throwing a benefit on September 24th at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver to raise money for research to help his son, who's sick with a very rare degenerative disorder called Hunter Syndrome.  If you could, it would be so fabulous to give the benefit a shout-out by mentioning its website,  Several actors from Stargate, Smallville, Sanctuary and Supernatural are going to be there, as well as a few local weel-known actors from Vancouver.  There's going to be an auction held there as well with various prizes like lunch with me and Paul McGillion, lunch and  a set visit with Amanda Tapping, etc.  It's a great cause, and I'd love to help Ryan and his wife Deb sell more tickets!"

Since Jewel is always helping us out with CSTS Vancouver, it would be great if people could help out with her friend's fundraiser.  The link is on the side bar as well.

Don't forget to check out Jewel's food blog.  Just don't do it if you're already hungry!  There's a link to Happy Opu (under Jewel Staite's Food Blog) on the right.

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