Friday, April 27, 2012


Vancouver's first (annual) comic-con was an overwhelming success, thanks to all the local sci-fi/fantasy/anime/gamer fans in the area - and out of it.

FanExpo gave CSTS Vancouver a booth at the con - which we shared with the BC Browncoats - and they also allowed us to sell tickets to CSTS Vancouver.  Estimates of the number of guests who dropped by our booth would be between 500 and 600.  If even 10% of the people who had never heard of CSTS come out on June 9th, we should have an awesome turnout.  If you are one of those people who liked or loved Firefly and Serenity but haven't been to one of the fundraising events, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will consider coming out to CSTS Vancouver and supporting our charities while having a great time.  It's a Shiny Shindig, for sure!

Thank you to all the volunteers who were so cheerful and informative to all:  Ashley, Jordan, Ari, Laura, Robert, Colleen, Julia, Pippa and Andrea.  Thanks to Vanessa, who offered to fill in if needed, even though the Standard Action booth was very busy, to Val & Michael, running the BIFF/BSG/Sci-Fi club booth next door for all their help, to Paul for making a standout sign, and to Paul and Priya for asking for - and receiving - a couple of signed photos for our auction - one from Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy) and one from Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi.on Star Trek: The Next Generation).  Special thanks also to Buffy comics artist George Jeanty who donated two signed colour prints to the auction, without even being asked!  (Photos of those and other auction and prize items will be starting to go up in the next week or so.)

Thanks to FanExpo for the opportunity to spread the word about Can't Stop The Serenity and thanks to all of you who dropped by to talk - even briefly - about Firefly and Serenity - and especially to those who bought tickets.

I look forward to seeing many new faces at this year's event. 

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Mary Higgins said...

It was a packed event and congratulations to everyone who helped out - the booth looked very busy when we popped over!