Friday, June 08, 2012


Jewel Staite wasn't able to attend our CSTS event this year - although she sent her good wishs for a very successful event.  However, we are going to get a small dose of our favourite home-town star  - very small, just a taste in fact!  The producers of the new animated series Animism are bringing us a rough cut of about five minutes of their new show, which stars Jewel Staite as a young woman who woud look right at home in any Joss Whedon show.  In order to bring this sneak peek to you, we have had to juggle the schedule a bit.  (You do remember the part that said "Schedule subject to change", right?)  Basically, the costume contest parade has moved to 2:35 - although participants still need to check in with the judges in the Lounge between 10:30 and 11 am; Animism will play before trivia bingo.  We thank those involved for giving us this glimpse of the new series, produced in Vancouver.

If you're reading the Buffy comics, you may be familiar with the name Georges Jeanty, who did a lot of the art work and even some covers for Season 8.  He was gracious enough to sign and donate two of his prints to CSTS Vancouver at this year's FanExpo.  Here they are:

Firefly Cargo Bay out of Ontario donated a box of goodies to our event, some of which are in the auctions, some in prizes.   Here are some of the buttons which were put in the grab bags.

She also donated a Jayne t-shirt that was designed by well-known Browncoat artist, 11th Hour, who died much too young last year.  There is a story attached to the shirt which you can read to find out how buying the shirt will have benefitted three different charities - five if you count our three separate!

A reminder that ticket sales at La Fontana will close at noon tomorrow and on the blog they will end at midnight.  It looks as if there will be tickets available at the door, so if you look at the weather and realise it's a good day to stay inside, think about how much fun you'll have at our event, while contributing to three excellent charities.  It's a win-win situation.  (PS Don't forget to bring cash because that's all we take.)

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