Friday, May 24, 2013


Our Scavenger Hunt winner is Binh Nghiem and here are his pictures.

With a beagle
 With a Chinese sign
With a protein (chocolate) cake
In front of a hospital
 With incense
In a (sort of) Jayne's hat
With a parasol
With a (plastic) dinosaur
With a rainstick
Eating a strawberry
Congratulations, Binh!!

Here are the last of the posters donated by Kathleen & Simon.  They are Set #2 of the travel posters designed by well-known designer & artist (and geek) Adam Levermore, aka lexigeek.  We will be selling them separately.

In addition to all the shiny auction items - both silent and live auction - we have door prizes and of course grab bags for $5 each.  They always go fast so come early and bring lots of cashy money to support our charities.  See you tomorrow!!

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