Monday, June 01, 2015


One of the things we like to do at CSTS Vancouver is highlight the creativity of some of our local Browncoats/geeks/nerds, through the auction and in the programming.  In the past we have shown episodes of local webseries, Mind My Brains, Darling, Standard Action and The Masked Roger.  We have had local filkers to sing and if you look back at previous years' auction items, you will see many crafty objects up for bid.

This year is no exception.  We will be showing a short short film, Quintipus, written and directed by local talent Victoria Angell.

We will have art from several local artists, including Seth Rutledge and Francois Cannels.  You can find examples of Francois's work at Patreon and Seth's at his tumblr. We also have crocheted Minion figures from the talented Julia Simpson.  Here's Mal with his brown coat open to show his suspenders:

There are a couple more to come. :)

In addition, this year we will have a new game - Name That Tune - in which local musician Carrie Chapman will play the first few notes of a sci-fi theme song on her tuba and a select group will try to guess the 'tune'.  The contestants will be limited to a few volunteers, so come prepared.

And local bakers Courtney & Colin of C&C Cakery are back this year, making a large cake which they will be serving for a small - or large - donation!

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