Thursday, May 10, 2007

T-Shirts For Sale!

Here is the flyer that Chad put together from lexigeek's winning design. This design is also featured on the front of this year's T-shirts, with a list of the cities involved on the back.

The T-shirts are $20 each, size S to 3XL, with all proceeds going to Equality Now, and are available for prepaid orders only until May 14th. Just click on the second button below. (There is a $2 service charge to cover the PayPal fees.) Payment and orders can also be made in person from a member of the organising team.

Again this year we have some wonderful door prizes, including a $25 gift certificate from Videomatica. We have a number of donations from global sponsors - they have given one item to each of the cities involved this year.

Global Sponsors and their donations include:

Universal Home Entertainment: A voucher for the "Serenity: Special Edition" DVD, coming in late summer;
Dark Horse Comics: a copy of "Serenity: Those Left Behind" Trade Paperback and a mini-poster promoting the comic;
BenBella Books: a copy of "Finding Serenity" (essays on "Firefly"), autographed by Jane Espenson and a voucher for "Serenity Found", being released in September;
Things From Another World (TFAW): the Buffy Season 8 Comic #1, written by Joss Whedon, Variant cover;
Quantum Mechanix: "Fan Club Edition" Serenity Alliance Money Pack;
Black Market Beagles: a poster, either "Miranda" or "Serenity Crew";
Done the Impossible: the Done The Impossible DVD;
Bedlam Bards: autographed CD;
Dragonweave: "Serenity" kanji jewellery; buttons and stickers.

In addition, everyone who attends the screening will be able to put their name in a draw for a chance to win two tickets on the Browncoat Cruise, December 1, 2007. The winner of the draw in each city will be eligible for the overall draw for two tickets. Winner is responsible for transportation to and from San Diego.


Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe I'm just slow, but I can't find a link that actually takes me to where I can buy one of the 07 shirts. Could be because, owing to a fit of insomnia, I'm posting in the middle of the damn night, but the links just seem to lead to other Firefly themed sites, some with merchandise, but I can't find any with this particular T-shirt design. Which makes me sad.

Raincitygirl from LiveJournal

Anonymous said...

Hi, Raincitygril,

I did answer you but it seems to have been sucked into a black hole! :D

The deadline for T-shirts was May 14th and I removed the button after that so as not to confuse people. This T-shirt is a one-of-a-kind design for this event only. If you still would like one, e-mail me at and I can put your name (and size) on a list for either a later order or in case any of the other cities have leftover shirts. (We did not order extras for our screening.)

Will you be coming to the screening on the 23rd?

zue said...

Hi, I ordered a couple of tickets for the screening a little under two weeks ago through paypal. I was wondering if I just pick them up at the theatre on the 23rd?

serenityscreeningvancouver said...

Hi, zue, nice to see you back again! Yes, the tickets will be waiting for you at the 'will call' table (crewed by Xandira, I expect) under your name. See you there.

Eric said...

Hey, is there gonna be a brick-and-mortar place to buy tickets (like Happy Bats or something)?

serenityscreeningvancouver said...

Hi, Eric, you can buy tickets from any member of the organising team (e-mail for more information). If Happy Bats is close to you, Robert has some tickets, but you'll have to check to see when he is working.