Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Week Today - CSTS Vancouver 2011. Do You Have Your Ticket Yet?

Are you missing the high of the Canucks run to the Stanley Cup? Feeling a bit let down due to the aftermath? Why not come to CSTS Vancouver on Saturday, June 25th? It's a fun day and we raise money for two good charities: Equality Now and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre Foundation.  Even if you aren't a Browncoat, you're sure to find something you like at our silent auction.  How about this - a Star Trek clock radio, donated by William.

Or how about a souvenir from "V"?  Maybe the parking name plate for one or both of our BDHs who also were in that series.  Yes, the genuine article, donated by a local Browncoat & sci-fi geek who bought them -and some other shiny items - at the prop sale.

If you prefer the Doctor, we have something for you, too.  In addition to the knitted Red Dalek seen in a previous post, we have an Adipose, crocheted by Myntkat.

You can read more about the Adipose - and other Dr. Who creatures - in The Time Traveller's Almanac, donated by Colleen.

Stay tuned for more great Firefly/Serenity items, including autographed ones!  Don't forget that the Silent Auction, grab bags, bingo cards or anything else to be purchase are cash only.

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